Tech Industry Vets At engin sciences Use AI To Fix Cannabis's Big Problem

Up to 60% of Entry-level Cannabis Employees Leave Within 2 Months

The meteoric rise of the cannabis industry brings multiple impacts  – medically, socially, economically – but one aspect critically needed for the growing industry, are the workers.

The spiraling growth of the U.S. cannabis industry is evidenced by the workforce numbers. A 2020 industry report from Leafly shows the industry employs about 243,700 full-time employees, a 15.5% annual increase from the previous survey. Given that pace, the report projects 250% employment growth over the next decade, a faster growth rate than in renewable energy, medical patient care, or even IT and data science careers

Unfortunately, according to a report by analytics company Headset, almost 60 percent of entry-level cannabis employees leave within their first two months on the job. In fact, the same report found that, in Colorado, only 15% of employees remained at a company for more than twelve months.

Looking to solve this retention issue is engin sciences inc, whose virtual talent management system (VTMS) leverages AI to find the fit between job seekers and cannabis companies. engin’s tech blends psychographic and skills data with industry leading recruitment firm FlowerHire’s HR and recruiting expertise to help candidates seeking careers in cannabis match with their ideal company. By gamifying the application process on any job site, HR managers can quickly evaluate applicants, engage with viable candidates, and help people find jobs to which they are best suited.  In the end, it saves recruiters and agencies time, while helping job seekers and companies find a good fit. 

“During the pandemic, so many hourly and frontline workers have been displaced from their jobs, we are proud that our tech is helping people find a fit in one the the few industries experiencing a hiring boom at this difficult time.” said engin sciences chairman Alex Shah.

The origin of the X platform VTMS and the team behind it, represents the beginning of a breakthrough trend in the cannabis industry.

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