Delic: Advancing Psychedelics Education With Help From The Public Markets

Delic Holdings Inc. (CSE:DELC), an e-commerce company focused on the nascent psychedelics industry, recently went public on the Canadian Securities Exchange.

In mid-November, the Vancouver-based company completed a reverse take-over with Molystar Resources Inc.

Most companies in the psychedelics space focus on drug development or ancillary services to the forthcoming industry of psychedelic therapy. But "The Delic" has a unique approach.

It is the only public company in the psychedelics space — so far — to concentrate on media and live events.

Delic CEO Jackee Stang sat down with Benzinga to give us an overview of the company.

A Focus On Psychedelic Education

“We started Delic because it was very clear at the time that there wasn't an outlet for a mainstream audience to be introduced to psychedelics, to learn about the substances, to communicate to each other and join a community involving psychedelics, and so Delic was our answer to that problem,” says Stang.

The idea to create the company came to Stang and her husband, Matt, after they attended Burning Man in 2018. The two cannabis media veterans envisioned an umbrella platform to cater to the psychedelics industry, drawing from more than two decades of joint experience working for cannabis media giant High Times.

A vast personal journey in and around psychedelic culture fueled the project as well.

“It's a culture that he and I grew up in," she says. "And it's a very significant part of our lives. It has helped me, especially through my PTSD. Certain substances like ketamine …

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