Digital Cannabis Marketing Is Key: Planning Your 2021 PR Budget

This article was originally published on NisonCo, and appears here with permission.

Whether we like it or not, 2021 will kick off with many of the same challenges as 2020. With that in mind, digital cannabis marketing is likely to continue reigning supreme.

As one of the first cannabis PR agencies in the United States, digital marijuana marketing is our bread and butter at NisonCo. Allow us to share with you a few big topics you should consider now while creating your public relations budget for 2021. 

Virtual Cannabis Conferences are Here to Stay in 2021

It’s hotly contested across academic and political spheres when exactly life will “return to normal,” but the estimate ranges vastly from April 2021 to 2024. In a normative year, a large part of our PR effort would be spent on in-person cannabis, CBD, hemp and psychedelic conferences — securing speaking engagements, creating supporting events and media, and of course networking. In 2021, we advise focusing those same efforts instead on virtual/digital conferences, webinars, panels and mixers while gathering in large groups remains unadvisable.
It’s time to apply and schedule 2021 digital trade shows now, so click here to check out …

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