How Fohse Lighting Helped The Grove Increase Yields

When Mike Howard (Director of Cultivation, The Grove) first caught word of the record-breaking cannabis yields being harvested regularly by fellow grow teams around the country (Lume Cannabis in Michigan and Green Life Productions in Nevada) he knew the game was changing. Once Howard dug deeper into the news, he discovered a common catalyst behind the success of his peers: both facilities were actively growing under the A3i LED grow light from Fohse. After hearing firsthand from the grow teams in Michigan and Nevada how they had increased yields over HPS by 31% and 100% respectively, Howard knew he had to get Fohse lighting into The Grove … and fast!

The Grove, a vertically integrated cannabis business with dispensary, cultivation, distribution, and production licenses, has been producing, sourcing, and selling high quality edibles, cartridges, and recreational cannabis products since 2015. Their 26,600-square-foot growing and production facility is state-of-the-art and eco-friendly. They strive to recreate the conditions that cannabis would find in nature and use only all-natural growing media and inputs as well as biological measures to control any pests or diseases. It only makes sense then that they would seek out and select Fohse products – the best lighting fixtures in the business – to match The Grove’s exacting standards.

The dry Las Vegas air makes for a challenging indoor growing environment for cannabis. Fohse fixtures operate at much cooler temperatures than standard HPS fixtures. At The Grove, this means that the humidifiers and cooling systems don’t have to work as hard, and that an equilibrium between temperature and humidity level can be more easily achieved and maintained. This has led to some of the record harvests being seen regularly at The Grove. Looking at how Fohse’s A3i 1500-watt fixtures compare to standard 1000-watt DE HPS fixtures in an “apples to apples” comparison reveals just how in sync these intelligent fixtures are with cannabis. The numbers from a recent, late fall harvest tell an impressive tale:

  A3i 1500W LED 1000W DE HPS Total Fixtures 35 64 Total Plant Count 520 520 Grow Media Coco pots Coco pots Grow Area 1056 sf 1056 sf Flower Cycle 65 days 65 days PPFD (early flower) 800-820 800-820 PPFD (late flower) 1250-1350 1000-1050 Wet weight 1,392 lbs. (631.4 kg) 716 lbs. (324.8 kg) Dry Weight 223 lbs. (101.3 kg) 135 lbs. (61.2 k g) Yield in oz./ Square Foot 3.4 oz (96 g) 2.05 oz (58 g) Lbs. of Cannabis/Light Fixture* 6.57 lbs. (2.98 kg) 2.11 lbs. (.96 kg) Total kWh 41,072 49,155

*Strawberry Cheesecake was the highest-yielding strain at 7.2 lbs/light, while Cookies was the lowest at 5.49 lbs/light

In the now-typical example above from Fall 2020, the A3i system generated an average of 27 percent more light as compared to the HPS fixtures. This additional light led to an increase in dry yield harvest weights by a whopping 65 percent. All of this, while using 16 percent less energy than the HPS lighting it was compared to and in the same physical footprint of

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