Your Weekly Cannabis Roundup: Bees, NJ, Undermining Voters And More

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Welcome to the second edition of The Bluntness Weekly Cannabis Roundup!

If you didn’t catch last week’s roundup, you can find it right here to see what important cannabis headlines you might have missed.

This week – in addition to The Bluntness publishing the 2020-2021 Cannabis Gift Guide – cannabis news was so abundant it was hard to narrow the stories down to our usual five, so we settled on six (and even that was painful).

Let’s jump right into the week’s headlines:

#1) New Study Reveals Cannabis Could Save Dying Bee Populations

What Happened: Researchers from Cornell University found that bees are attracted to large hemp plants. The researchers noted, “Plant height was strongly correlated with bee species richness and abundance for hemp plots with taller varieties attracting a broader diversity of bee species.”

Why It’s Important: With their cross-pollinating ways, bees are a critical part of our environmental ecosystem. The rapid decline in bee populations over the past few years is alarming to say the least. One of the reasons behind this decline points to the use of insecticides and fungicides. The fact that outdoor hemp fields (which typically require less use of pesticides) are attracting a rich variety of bee populations is a fantastic sign that we are moving in the right direction.

Supporting hemp and cannabis farmers is a good thing.

#2) New Jersey Cannabis Bill Sent to Governor

What Happened: After NJ voters overwhelmingly approved adult-use cannabis sales on Nov. 3, the state policymakers have wasted no time in getting legislation out the door.

On Thursday, Dec. 17, the state Senate and Assembly approved legislation that will allow the Garden State to move forward in establishing its new cannabis market.

New Jersey lawmakers also passed a psilocybin bill to reduce penalty for possession from a felony to a disorderly persons offense, known as a misdemeanor in other states.

Why It’s Important: New Jersey’s path to a legal cannabis industry is a monumental moment for a nation that has been mired in a tragic war against cannabis for nearly a century. And while some states take years to move forward with voter-approved legal cannabis industries (for Maine it was four years!), NJ is poised for the opposite.

Notably, advocacy groups have raised important concerns about different aspects of the current legislation, namely that it could do more for social equity and racial injustice. Others have raised …

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