Healing Our Communities With Psychedelic Solutions

This article was originally published on Reality Sandwich, and appears here with permission.

In this moment, we humans are further dividing ourselves along lines of color, gender, political ideology, and countless other identity characteristics. Likewise, we are witnessing a growing division among the “counterculture,” “mainstream,” and various other factions within the psychedelic community. Dividing ourselves is likely an expression of some deeply embedded survival trait. However, improving the collective human condition requires us to yield to our higher selves. Our condition will only improve when we work as one human tribe toward healing our communities. We are all one.


We must elevate our thoughts and actions to a level that is truly unity-based in order to elevate the human condition. We must maintain the conviction that self-love and love for others is the only path forward. 

As Ram Dass reminds us:

 “We are all just walking each other home.”

However, the trek is more challenging for some members of our human tribe than it is for others. Therefore, empathy and compassion ask us to offer our hand to those struggling, in order to enable all of us, mankind, to walk this earthly path alongside one another—united.

It follows that the psychedelic community must lead by example. The various factions must cast aside divisions, adopt an inclusive attitude, and truly listen to one another. Additionally, we must be willing to embrace different perspectives to create a healing path toward a stronger, united human species.


As psychedelic practitioners, our plant medicine journeys have likely shown us the path toward an elevated condition, and possibly even visions for a better world. Access to these experiences is a privilege, and with this privilege comes responsibility. We can all play a role in advancing psychedelic science and healing practices. In addition, we can enable wider psychedelic healing access to all members of our human family, with the aim of communal and societal healing. Yet, psychedelic healing practices still involve an activity that can result in …

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