The Top Five Ways To Tour Denver's Cannabis Scene In Times Of COVID-19

This article by Taylor Engle  was originally published on The Bluntness, and appears here with permission.

Despite the chaos of 2020, the cannabis industry continues to flourish. In addition to more states legalizing, and the hopeful decriminalization of cannabis at the federal level, we are also witnessing the rise of cannabis tourism. 

In a state like Colorado, where adult-use cannabis has been available for a while, the concept of the 420 tour is already quite popular throughout the legal market. 

What’s more, cannabis tours in Denver have an added bonus with the city’s social use laws, which allow for cannabis consumption in designated places outside of one’s home.

From restaurants with weed-infused cuisine to tours of cannabis grow operations and discounted dispensary visits, there is ample opportunity for people on the hunt for their ideal Denver weed tours. 

Five of the Top Cannabis Tours in Denver

Here are five of Denver’s best cannabis tourism opportunities – all COVID-friendly – for your next adventure:

1) City Sessions Denver

One of the most popular Denver weed tours is City Sessions Denver, a cannabis lifestyle brand that specializes in cannabis tourism and education. 

They have a variety of experiences available, from introductory cannabis tours to weed-themed retreats and/or parties like birthdays, stag nights, and more. 

The company even offers 420-friendly transportation to and from the airport, as well as cannabis culinary classes for anyone with an affinity for cooking.

2) Colorado Cannabis Tours

Another top-rated tour for anyone traveling to Denver is Colorado Cannabis Tours

The business has been featured on Vice and CNN for its extensive offerings, from 420-friendly transportation and lodging to a variety of classes and activities for the cannabis consumer. 

Whether you want to paint, cook, or even sing karaoke, you’ll be doing it with cannabis. 

Additionally, Colorado Cannabis Tours offers educational …

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