How To Intensify A Mushroom Trip

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Psychonauts have been experimenting with ways to intensify trips since they started experimenting with psychedelic substances. There are myths, anecdotes, and online forums full of ways to supposedly increase the intensity, duration, and quality of a mushroom trip. And of course, very few, if any, have been proven by science. That doesn’t mean they are worthless. It just means scientific institutions haven’t put them to the test. But after decades of experimentation, a few things have come to the forefront as ways to intensify a mushroom trip.


Weed and mushrooms seem like a natural pairing. They are both from the earth and have a long history of hippie influences. Combining cannabis with any psychedelic has become a popular way to adjust the trip to the user’s liking.

Managing Side Effects

The most common way to mix mushrooms and cannabis is during the initial dosage. Mushrooms can be hard on the stomach, so some people will use weed to ease nausea. Others use it for its relaxation and anti-anxiety effects. Waiting for a trip to kick in can be stressful. Cannabis can reduce this and put the user in the right frame of mind before the trip begins. Inhibitions are lowered, making it easier to fall into the psychedelic world.  

Enhancing the Trip

The most common time to take a hit of a joint during a trip is during the come-down. This is around the five or six-hour mark of a psilocybin trip. Users report that smoking cannabis during this phase can bring back the intense visuals and euphoria during the peak. It elongates the trip’s intensity, so be careful of smoking if you have decided you no longer want to be tripping.  

Psychedelic mushrooms have two chemicals that activate the trip in the brian, psilocybin and psilocybe. They are considered “uppers” or stimulants and work on the 5-HT2A–serotonin receptor on the GABA neurons causing hallucinations and euphoria. Cannabis, a downer, works on an entirely different set of neuron receptors, cannabinoids. It is the activation of these receptors, causing the euphoria, relaxation, and sometimes paranoia associated with getting high. 

And while they work on different receptors, both cannabis and psilocybin indirectly increase dopamine in the brain intensifying visuals, euphoria, and other sensations. But scientists don’t know exactly …

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