How Organic Cultivation Is Transforming Hemp Agriculture

This article by Monica Stockbridge was originally published on Cannabis & Tech Today, and appears here with permission.

Rocky Mountain Extraction Services (RMES) has come a long way since incorporating 18 months ago.

The 2018 Hemp Farming Act was the catalyst, although opening their doors wasn’t quite so simple.

“Originally, we felt like [the Hemp Farming Act] was a green light,” says CTO Jerry Van Sickle. “What we found was that it was more of a yellow light.”

RMES office in the morning. Photo courtesy of RMES.

Because of hemp’s association with recreational marijuana, Van Sickle and CEO Scott McWhorter discovered challenges in commercial property leasing and banking for RMES — even though they were specializing in manufacturing organically-sourced CBD extracts and distillates rather than THC.

After transitioning from previous engineering careers in the area, the partners knew they wanted to be located in Weld County.

They approached the bank from a professional, compliant perspective.

“Ours is a legitimate business and we chose to just represent it as a legitimate business, and not really harp on …

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