Branding To Build: Fluent Cannabis

With 24 dispensary locations in Florida, one in Pennsylvania and new locations  opening in both states later this year, Fluent Cannabis (NASDAQ: FLNT) is a growing company. But reward certainly didn't come without risk to get to where it is today.

The Risk

Fluent Cannabis got its start in 2016 in Miami as a medical marijuana business called Knox Medical. As the boom in legalization over the past few years contributed to the growing demand in the adult-use market, most cannabis companies were faced with a big decision: Take a risk by in expansion and rebranding, or just keep on keeping on. Cansortium opted for the former. It began by hiring Oswaldo Graziani as creative director. His first major project? To work on a total rebrand. 

Over the course of essentially only three months, Graziani and his team immersed themselves in the development process. By working with branding experts from big-name companies like Nike, Adidas and HBO, focusing on high-quality design and expanding its product options, Fluent …

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