Green Health Docs Dr. Anand Dugar On The Medical Marijuana Industry In 2021

As the cannabis market continues to thrive, more states are legalizing and or considering legalizing the use of cannabis as a recreational substance. Most recently, Arizona saw a surge of interest after 70 existing dispensaries got approval to start selling cannabis recreationally.  The reason behind this is clear. The cannabis industry can be an incredible revenue source for a state, not to mention a job creator. A recent report found that there are now over 315,000 jobs in the United States within the cannabis industry.

One of these jobs is held by Dr. Anand Dugar, who began his medical career in 2000 at Jefferson Medical College and practiced medicine as a board-certified anesthesiologist from 2008 until 2017. In 2017, Dr. Dugar opened the first Green Health Docs clinic in Frederick, Maryland and has since grown Green Health Docs in 15 states with telemedicine and/or in-person clinic visits.  Green Health Docs has a mission is to empower patients to take control of their health with natural treatments, like medical cannabis and CBD.

As a result, Dr. Dugar has found himself at the forefront of the intersection between technology, cannabis, and medicine. To learn more, I spoke to Dr. Dugar about his entrepreneurial journey and how the industry has changed as a result of 2020’s pandemic.

1. Why did you start Green Health Docs?

“I started Green Health Docs out of frustration. I was practicing as an anesthesiologist / pain medicine physician and realized that I was part of the problem. I was prescribing …

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