Ukraine's Deputy Health Minister Favors Medical Cannabis

This article by Chynna Pearson was originally published on Cannabis & Tech Today, and appears here with permission.

The cannabis plant has been used by humans for medical and health purposes for many centuries. In the grand scheme of things, cannabis prohibition is a relatively new phenomenon.

Sadly, cannabis prohibition has harmed many people over the last century, all over the globe.

One sector of society that is particularly harmed by cannabis prohibition is suffering patients eho do not have safe access to a proven medicine.

In prohibition countries, patients have to risk prosecution when cultivating, transporting, and/or acquiring medical cannabis, which is an absolute shame.

Fortunately, more and more countries are getting on the right side of history and legalizing cannabis for medical use, or at least moving in that direction, including Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Deputy Health Minister Speaks Favorably About …

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