Exclusive: Ei. Ventures Launches $50M Reg A+, Heads Towards RTO With Botanical Psychedelics

Emotional Intelligence Ventures, a company dedicated to and production of botanical psychedelics, announced a public stock offering using the Reg A+ Framework.

The company received qualification from the Securities and Exchange Commission to launch a Regulation A+ Tier 2 offering, which allows retail investors and the general public (and not just institutional and accredited investors) to take positions in the company before a public listing.

EI Ventures is also releasing an offering of $15 million in Canada, where it plans to RTO in the near future, listing in Toronto’s NEO exchange.

A Botanical Approach

Ei. Ventures’ main differentiator in the space is a self-imposed directive to work exclusively with non-synthetic, plant and fungi-based ingredients for both is psychedelic and non-psychedelic products.

“Right now we are preparing to launch our Mana nutraceutical line. That's our non-psychoactive product. Those products will be launched in the next 90 days,” said David Nikzad, Founder and CEO.

Mana products include plant and fungi formulations, created after an analysis of over two thousand botanical ingredients.

Plant-Derived Psychedelics

The company is currently developing three lines of botanical psychoactive products.

“One is a product called Psilly, the second product is called MY-MDMA, and the third one is called MY-DMT. All three products are products that would be used in very, very low dosage, somewhere around one to five milligrams,” said Nikzad.

Psilly is a psilocybin-based formulation, currently in pre-clinical stages.

“MY-MDMA is a botanical analogue that is similar in structure to MDMA but it is not synthetic,” said Cecil Robles, the company’s chief strategy officer.

The product is touted as a plant-based replacement of MDMA, with fewer side effects. And, according to the company, plants used in its production are 100% legal.

A similar approach is taken for MY-DMT, a DMT botanical analog. …

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More Exclusive: Ei. Ventures Launches $50M Reg A+, Heads Towards RTO With Botanical Psychedelics