Losing Control Over Depression? CBD Could Help

This article by Tammy Taylor was originally published on Cannabis & Tech Today, and appears here with permission.

Depression is an increasingly common health concern. People have often refrained from talking about depression due to the stigma around mental health issues. But, more and more people are opening up about their struggle.

A mild case of depression may not affect your life adversely. You may continue with a routine while suffering from symptoms like irritability, sadness, fatigue, and anger. But, severe cases need immediate intervention as they start affecting your daily life and relationships.

Your mental health can worsen, making you frequently think about death or suicide. Such severe cases of depression can paralyze your life and make it difficult to carry on.

assistance is necessary to manage the problem. With a doctor’s guidance, natural remedies such as CBD may be used as an alternative to conventional therapies or in conjunction with them.

Symptoms of Severe Depression

Before going into how you can prevent losing control over depression, know when to take action. Here are some of the symptoms indicating the need to intervene:

  • Irritability
  • Excessive sleepiness or insomnia
  • Loss of interest in activities
  • Feeling of hopelessness
  • Frequent thoughts of impending doom
  • Thoughts of suicide or death
  • Experience psychotic symptoms like delusions or hallucinations
  • Trouble taking care of yourself (difficulty bathing, eating, or fulfill other responsibilities)

If you struggle with the symptoms, see a doctor, and get the necessary treatment. Your doctor can help guide you if you’re interested in taking CBD as an alternative therapy.

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