Planet 13 Taking Vegas Experience Countrywide

Planet 13 Taking Vegas Experience Countrywide

What happens in Vegas… Is not staying in Vegas. Planet 13 Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:PLNHF) (CNSX:PLTH) is growing the world’s largest dispensary and expanding the cannabis experience model across the U.S.

With the new Vegas rules specifying dispensaries can no longer be built close to the strip, Planet 13 is dominating the Las Vegas cannabis experience. The company’s Las Vegas superstore is currently seeing over 100,000 customers per month. To keep up with the growing demand, Panet 13 will be doubling its cash register numbers.

The next iteration of Planet 13 is already underway. The company announced it is building a second superstore in . Californians can expect the same grand experience with a 40,000 sq. ft. of dispensary and 150,000 sq ft of consumption and nightclub space.

“Sitting with $143 million and no debt. We still spend the money like its out of our pocket. If you’re not doing it that way, you’re not doing your shareholders justice. Investments have to check all the boxes. But, we are in the middle of some fantastic interviews and investigations to spend our money wisely that will make everyone happy.” – Planet 13 Co-CEO Larry Scheffler

With a healthy balance sheet and proven model, Planet 13 takes trips countrywide to scout further markets to expand into. Florida, Arizona, Massachusetts, Michigan, and are all being explored. Florida would be the company’s number 1 prospect if the state legalized with its tourist attractions, rooftops, and the number of residents.

Watch the full interview to hear Planet 13’s latest developments, its financial growth as Vegas reopens, federal legalization, and more.

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