Blinc Group Introduces The Halo System

NEW YORK, April 20, – PRESS RELEASE – The Blinc Group, Inc., the regulatory-focused designer and provider of premium, customized and bespoke vaporizer technologies, is launching its latest patent-pending vape technology designed to save brands thousands in lost inventory and give consumers peace of mind and clarity with their vape purchase. The Blinc Group is introducing The Halo System.

“For some odd reason it has become normal to leave the cannabis vape consumer uninformed on what’s inside their vape cartridge, the second they discard the box,” said Sasha Aksenov, the co-founder and chief innovation officer of the Blinc Group. “Labeling standards are rigorous for the outside packaging, but once the product is out of the box, there is nothing. The Halo System takes the guesswork out of knowing what’s in your cartridge with a simple trim ring that labels the contents of the cartridge.”

The Halo System consists of two bands, one at the base of the mouthpiece or “tip” and the other at the base of the cartridge—TipHalo and BaseHalo. Before capping your cartridge, you simply snap the TipHalo onto the top of the cartridge with the strain name. The ring is also easily removed, if you decide that the strain you’ve invested in is not selling and you would like to fill your cartridges with another. 

“An operator typically orders hundreds of thousands of cartridges at a time at an average of roughly $2 each,” Aksenov said. “With the rapid pace at which our trends evolve—forecasting how each product will perform is a big challenge. This is the core of the ‘unmarked’ cannabis vape products issue. Now a simple solution like the Halo System TipHalo allows the brands and licensed producers to brand their products on the fly, and, if needed, pivot for pennies, not dollars.”

Green Revolution, a multistate producer-processor in California and Washington, believes there is a need for consistency not only in the products that reach the end consumer, but the information provided when they reach the consumer. 

“Partnering with Blinc Group to create a perfect consumer experience is something we are excited about. There’s a clear market demand for Green Revolution’s unique experience driven products. Blinc’s Halo System enables us to properly communicate the effect of each product at scale and clearly inform the Green Revolution consumer, every time,” said Joe Derr, the director of sales and marketing for Green Revolution.

“The Blinc Group’s core values of innovation, quality, safety and integrity are each present and embodied in the Halo System,” said Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, the co-founder and CEO of the Blinc Group. “This creates a win-win situation for our clients and their consumers. Patients and users get the clarity of knowing what’s in their cartridge at all times and our clients not only increase their productivity and flexibility, but also avoid spending huge amounts of working capital on potentially unsold cannabis vaping hardware inventory.”  


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