Bio-Circular Packaging For Sustainable Cannabis Brands

This article by Andrea Morhardt was originally published on Cannabis & Tech Today, and appears here with permission.

To say the cannabis has experienced change over the past few years would be a serious understatement.

Every element – from growth engineering and legalization to marketing and delivery – seems to be witnessing a revolution.

However, cannabis packaging is undergoing one of the most significant changes. 

As cannabis products receive more mainstream attention, retailers and packaging organizations are shifting their focus from mere shelf-presence to brand identity. 

The identity shift began with simple changes like moving from stereotypical Rastafarian images to more sophisticated and elegant colors, images, and design.

Then the shift became more substantive and environmental responsibility emerged as an important element of brand identity.

That shift shouldn’t be surprising, considering that the industry has long struggled to balance pollution concerns against packaging mandates that require many layers of plastic.

More and more companies are recognizing the destructive irony of wrapping a quarter gram of a natural and medicinal healing product like cannabis with 15 grams of plastic.

Bio-Circular Solutions

The good news is, like in many other industries, rapid innovation is helping to solve …

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