Why People Are Taking Psychedelics To Enhance Creativity Thinking

This article was originally published on The Bluntness and appears here with permission.

By Shawn Gold, Founder PilgrimSoul.com

For decades, popular assumptions painted psychedelics in a bad and dangerous light.

Not even from a leading UK government scientist ranking LSD and psilocybin 20 positions below alcohol on a list of the most dangerous drugs could sway public opinion or policy.  

Still, artists and musicians and even Nobel Prize winning scientists like Richard Feynman have persisted with the idea that psychedelics can be instrumental in unlocking their creativity and influencing their subsequent work.

Psychedelics have continually sparked subversive, unconventional, and innovative pieces of creative work that still leave a lasting impression today.

Music is one of the easiest examples. For instance, The Beatles’ Revolver, dubbed their ‘acid album’, provided a breakthrough in music composition through the use of tape looping, modified speeds, and reversed vocals and instrumentals.

Since then, the idea of psychedelic use for work has found its way to Silicon Valley, where the act of ingesting small amounts of psychedelics is a known “productivity hack.”

After comments by Bill Gates and Steve  about their use of psychedelics, the stigma began to fade. In its place we are seeing new research aimed at proving the positive benefits of these substances – such as , psilocybin, and mescaline – on creativity and productivity.

What is creativity?

While the concept of creativity is abstract, it is ultimately the use of imagination and original ideas to make something out of nothing, or to add new ideas to old things.

Mostly everything, if not everything, on this earth (and in space) is a direct result of somebody’s creativity.

Everyone is filled …

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