Lotus Cannabis Finding Success Growing Premium Dried Flower

Quality, consistency and yield are the holy grails of cultivation. 

But, producing quality strains consistently is very difficult. This is because high-quality strains are often high maintenance and require expert cultivators.

The actual plant should be protected from damage because of external natural abrasions to grow a pristine bud. The temperature and humidity have to be optimal and adjusted according to where the strain can thrive. It requires constant monitoring so that it can be watered at the right time and can be trimmed when needed.

Canada’s Lotus Cannabis (CSE:J) (OTC: LTTSF) says it knows this better than anyone.

The Canadian-licensed cannabis producer has grown a lineup of unique cultivars and sold over 1 million grams of premium-craft cannabis. Its first strain, “Kalifornia,” has achieved great success at stores across Canada.

Lotus attributes its success to its top-of-the-line facility, plant genetics and experienced production team.

A Customer Favorite

Kalifornia is an indica-dominant strain, bred from crossing Nepali OG with 88 G-13 Hashplant. Its aroma and tasting notes bring to mind dense buds with earthy and spicy undertones. The strain is sold across Canada through its collaboration with Kolab Project. 

Kolab Kalifornia was recently successful …

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