The Fastest Growing Healthcare Stock | Skylight Health Group (SHG)

The Fastest Growing Healthcare Stock? | Skylight Health Group (SHG)

This fast-growing healthcare stock is changing the healthcare industry. The company is simultaneously improving the economics of physician practices while improving the quality of its patients’ care. Skylight Health Group Inc (CVE: SHG, OTCMKTS: SHGFF) is a US-focused health network with clinics providing primary care, sub-specialty, laboratory and diagnostic testing. The company has a proprietary electronic health record system offering telemedicine service with a current patient roster of over 120,000 across 14 states.

Skylight’s model focuses on aggressive growth where they acquire small to independent size physician practices. Once the physician practices are brought onto the Skylight platform, Skylight can help drive efficiencies and instill the /capabilities to help transform the practice to the new US reimbursement model.

This new capitation reimbursement insurance model could help ensure care delivery is based on quality, not quantity. This means patients will have more time with the medical professional while allowing for a much higher margin revenue business for the primary care industry. This shift could transform patient care and revenue growth up to 500% or more.

“Our model isn’t how do you flip a EBIDTA in the next 2-3 years, it’s how do you build the biggest business base possible today on a fee-for-service model. When that converts into capitation, you’re going to see a tremendous increase in overall economics and patient care.” – Skylight Health CEO Prad Sekar

Watch the full interview to learn about Skylight’s acquisition strategy and how they fly under the radar of its much larger competitors to acquire small physician practices.

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