Nugg Club Launches Affordable Cannabis Subscription Box Option

LOS ANGELES, June 30, 2021 – PRESS RELEASE – Nugg Club, a subscription box featuring full-sized products curated by experts and personalized to each customer, announced that its service is now offering members a more affordable box option.


The new box option starts at $49 and will contain at least two to four full-size products, depending on a subscriber’s preferences. This affordable price point allows Nugg Club to introduce a wider range of consumers to the same benefits of curation, discovery, delight and price savings that Nugg Club subscribers enjoy. It also benefits existing subscribers who might prefer to self-select more of their monthly products by purchasing them a carte from the add-ons menu, instead of having Nugg Club’s curators choose for them.

Like the original box, products inside each member’s box are specifically chosen for them by expert curators based on their tastes, and selections for each box improve based on customer feedback. Subscribers are able to switch between Nugg Club box tiers at any time, offering consumers greater control over their subscription service while continuing to discover new products at wholesale prices.

“You just can’t beat the combination of expert curation, personalized discovery and prices at 30 percent to 60 percent below retail,” Nugg Club co-founder Alex Milligan said. "Our current subscribers love the subscription model, and with the option to choose your price point, we are excited to bring Nugg Club to even more consumers in southern ."

The more affordable box tier is initially available everywhere in So Cal that Nugg Club delivers. All deliveries are contactless and properly sanitized in accordance with state social distancing and safety guidelines. Nugg Club serves all of Los Angeles and Orange County, certain parts of the Inland Empire, and recently expanded its service to , Richmond, Emeryville, and Berkeley.


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