Cultivation Goes Corporate: What It Takes To Survive As A Public Cannabis Company In 2021

By Roger Bloss CEO of MJ Holdings (Pink: MJNE)

As a result of the Green Rush, much like the Gold Rush of the 1800s, many newcomers are trying to get rich and make it big in the industry. Many cultivators have been very successful in the underground trade for years. However, now that is legal and government-regulated, these cultivators often lack the knowledge to comply appropriately with federal and state laws.

This is a major reason why today’s cultivators fail.

You can have an abundance of capital and investors, a great location with a superb growing facility, and a phenomenal workforce, but if compliance and regulation are not a cornerstone of your business plan, you will struggle to succeed.

Now is a phenomenal time to be involved in the cannabis industry. We’re literally building a brand new, legal industry from the ground up. Success and profits have the potential to be huge, but since we’re such a new and emerging industry, we’re all going to make mistakes along the way. The only real mistake, though, is the one we learn nothing from.

At MJ Holdings, we’ve had setbacks and missteps, despite an abundance of capital funding. However, we knew if we were to succeed, we needed new leadership; I was appointed CEO in September 2020 to reorganize and restructure the organization.

My business experience as founder and CEO of a top 10 global hotel company paired perfectly with MJ Holdings founder Paris Balaouras’ tremendous knowledge of growing. We each have our strengths, and in a very short amount of time, we’ve worked together to bring the organization to its healthiest, wealthiest state to date.

The greatest thing about the cannabis industry is you learn something new every day. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to learn from the best. However, when someone asks me what it takes to be …

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