From GrubHub To Cannabis: An Entrepreneur's Life-Long Bet On Home Deliveries

“This is my life,” says cannnabis CEO Adam Berk. And it is true: Berk is in fact passionate about his job. He has always been.

Last year, the vertically-integrated company he headed, Stem Holdings, acquired Driven Deliveries, the world's first publicly-owned cannabis delivery company. The resulting corporation, Driven by Stem (OTC: STMH), boasts a market cap of more than $85 million, with sales projected to hit $75 million in 2021.

“My thesis is that people are never going to go back to any type of retail the way they did before. People got used to ease and convenience, and they love getting stuff delivered to their doorstep,” declares Berk.

“When there was no legal cannabis market, the consumers had things delivered to their house, right? It was the only way. It took years to train them to go to a . Well, guess what? Now people are just going back to their rooms, getting it delivered again. It’s a seamless transaction.”

Food For Thought

Berk earned a degree in finance and hospitality management from Cornell University, and an MBA from the University of Miami School of Business. After school, he started working with his father-in-law in Berkeley Caterers, one of the oldest corporate catering companies in New York City.

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Capitalizing on the opportunity, he raised some money and started the first patented online food ordering company in the U.S.: Osmio. Later on, Osmio would become GrubHub, a company Berk likes to define as “The 8000 pound gorilla.”

The entrepreneur then moved to South Florida and started …

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