Executive Spotlight: Matt Cohen

Matt Cohen is a career industry getting my start under Proposition 215 in CA in the late 90’s. His latest undertaking is with Lively, where the company innovates unique psychotropic active ingredients (or spirits) to power non-alcoholic cocktails. The flagship cannabis spirit brand is purejuana.com. It aims to provide a realistic alternative to alcohol while introducing a healthier and more broad spectrum of user experiences leveraging nature’s bounty of psychotropic plants and fungi.






Full name: Matthew Richard Cohen

Title: CEO and co-founder

Company: Lively Spirits

Years at current company: 2

profile: Homegrown cannabis executive and grower.  I dropped out of college in 98′ to jump into the new legal medical cannabis market

Most successful professional accomplishment before cannabis: I have been in cannabis my whole life, so I suppose graduated from high school 🙂

Company Mission: Bring to the masses dry spirits that power psychotropic cocktails made from plants and fungi that are finally becoming legal

company’s most successful achievement: the creation of purejuana, our flagship dry spirit brand made from live cannabis

Has the company raised any capital (yes or no):  Yes

if so, how much?: $6mil

Any plans on raising capital in the future?  Yes

Most important company 5 year goal:  Bring mainstream social consumption of cannabis cocktails.


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