Midwest Reporting Strong June Cannabis Sales

Midwestern states began delivering the results from June sales and it seems it was all good news.


Illinois continues to post impressive cannabis sales numbers. The state reported that it had approximately $115.5 million in sales that come from selling roughly 2.5 million products. This was down slightly from May. Most of the customers were state residents which accounted for $79.2 million, while out-of-state resident sales were about $36.3 million. According to Illinois’ Department of Financial and Professional , June is now the fourth month in which the state’s cannabis sales exceeded $100 million, with May recording approximately $116.3 million in sales. In addition, the state noted that last quarter was the first in which Illinois collected more tax dollars from cannabis than alcohol, reaching approximately $86.5 million. In 2020, the state reported total sales of $669 million.


Michigan cannabis sales saw a slight sequential uptick in June, but it still didn’t top the record set in April. June’s sales hit $149 million, which trailed April’s $154 million. Sales for have continued to drop and represented only $41.7 million. Adult-use cannabis sales saw roughly 3% increase from May to June’s $107.4 million. The state also reported that flower and trim sales continue to dominate the market with an ~58% sales mix, but pricing has declined for the product, dropping roughly 5% from May to $3,357/lb. The Michigan cannabis market has now generated $810.9M of sales year-to-date in 2021.


According to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, the state recorded a record $16.4 million in sales of medical cannabis products in June. Since the state launched its medical program eight months ago, it has recorded $70 million in sales. Missouri said it currently has 201 medical cannabis businesses in operation that serve approximately 126,000 patients throughout the state. Data from the state also shows that, as of April, there are 26,610 licensed patients cultivating cannabis at their homes and there are 2,711 caregiver cultivators, who may provide patients with their own cultivated cannabis.

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