What Do You Really Know About Psychedelics And Psychedelics Stocks?

According to a new conducted by Hill-HarrisX, 65% of registered voters say psychedelic substances do not have medical use.

That’s far more than psychedelic advocates would like, but far less than I would’ve expected. Given nearly 50 years of anti-psychedelics propaganda, most of which has been funded and diffused by the US government, to see that 35% of registered voters believe psychedelics do have medical use is pretty impressive.

Still, this poll definitely exposes a reality that psychedelics advocates must deal with: lack of education and awareness will provide roadblocks to decriminalization and legalization efforts.

Truth is, most folks just don’t know much about psychedelics at all. And I don’t say this as a criticism, but rather an observation of truth.

They don’t know the history of psychedelics.

They don’t know that some of these molecules have been used for medicinal purposes for decades, even centuries.

They don’t know where most of these molecules come from, how they’re made, and how they’re now being studied by some of the world’s most prestigious researchers and universities.

They don’t know that in 2018, researchers at Johns Hopkins University published results from a smoking cessation study that used psilocybin (the psychedelic compound in magic mushrooms), to treat smoking addiction.

The results were quite positive, showing an 80% success rate. Compare that to the most effective smoking cessation treatment on the market today, which maintains a success rate of about 30%.

They don’t know that last month, a Phase 3 Clinical Trial of MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD achieved …

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