Alfi and Grove to Launch Digital Out of Home Campaign Across 12 Major Markets

  • Alfi onboards major brand for its DOOH platform that could be worth millions
  • Utilizing Alfi's digital advertising platform, Grove can reach targeted audiences in Uber and Lyft rideshares

MIAMI BEACH, FL and HENDERSON, NV / ACCESSWIRE / August 18, 2021 / Alfi, Inc. (NASDAQ: ALF) ("Alfi" or the "Company"), an AI enterprise SaaS platform company powering computer vision with machine learning models to allow content publishers and brand owners to deliver interactive, intelligent information without violating user privacy, and Grove, Inc. (NASDAQ: GRVI) ("Grove" or the "Company"), redefining the way hemp is bought, produced, and sold, today announced they have partnered to launch a campaign aimed at building consumer awareness of Grove's Cannabidiol ("CBD") products for the botanical, beauty care, pet care and functional food sector.

The campaign will come to life on the Alfi digital tablets installed in Uber and Lyft rideshares servicing 12 major markets. It is the first time Grove has activated a DOOH campaign through advertising inventory bought through Alfi. Alfi's platform is expected to provide Grove with better targeting, decision making and campaign flexibility, while enabling them to pause, adjust, restart and optimize campaigns mid-flight, which enables efficiencies in media spend and optimized ROI.

Allan Marshall, Chief Executive Officer of Grove, stated, "We hope this turns into a multi-million-dollar partnership with Alfi. Grove, like all companies in the space, remain restricted to mainstream advertising availability, focusing on technology solutions, and leveraging Alfi's unique ad platform should further growth across all of our brands. …

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