Jane Fonda Talks Cannabis, Hemp: 'We Have To Phase Out Fossil Fuels From Our Economy, And We Have To Do It Quickly'

In a room upholstered with pictures of her many idols sits Jane Fonda, an evergreen icon so cross-generational she’s revered by grandparents, parents and their kids alike.

Looking over her, from the wall, are Harvey Milk, Rosa Parks, Millicent Rogers – who happens to be an ancestor of Jane’s, as well as Cesar Chávez, Dolores Huerta, Howard Zinn, and Jane’s father.

Her collar is popped, one of her many fashionable trademarks, and her make-up and skin are beyond perfect. On this, she has a secret that will be revealed later in this article.

Jane is ready for a unique interview: Despite the fact that she's far from being a stoner, or even a cannabis activist, she is willing to talk weed. After all, Jane has always been known as a person who’s free of prejudice.

“Needless to say, I have smoked pot in my life,” she commences, quickly clarifying she’s never been an avid consumer: Cannabis has always made her feel paranoid and overly hungry. Munchies can be, indeed, Hollywood stars' worst enemies.

Focus has also been a problem. “I've never been able to work: either act, or write, or read, or go to the movies. I've never been able to really do anything that I wanted to focus on if I was stoned.

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“Then came along all the scientific approaches to cannabis. And it's really amazing what's happened, the way they've been able to segment out different parts of the weed. It's very impressive.”

A New Found Love For Pot

The evolution of cannabis science and the increasing variety of intake methods available has opened up a whole new world of possibility for cannabis consumers. People can now select the right varieties and ways to ingest them to achieve very specific, desired effects.

And in this new paradigm, Jane too has reconciled with cannabis.

“At dispensaries, they know how to steer you,” she explains.

“About four years ago, to help me go to sleep at night, I would take a very microdose of Valium. And I would always have to take a short nap in the middle of the workday during the lunch break because I would have a kind of hangover,” she remembers.

“One day, my very good, progressive doctor said, ‘I would like you to stop taking the sleeping pill, and I suggest that you move over to a CBD [product] that helps you sleep.’”

And so, she did.

With the help of her local dispensary and its budtenders, Jane found the product that was right for her: a Dosist-brand vape pen.

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“And boy, does it work for me,” she says, with a smile on her well-rested face. “I mean, you have to want to go to sleep; you have to be already in bed… But then, I'm out and I have no hangover the next day.”

And A Long-Standing Fascination With Hemp

While weed was never really Jane’s thing, hemp …

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