5 Reasons Exciting CBD Opportunities Are Still Up For Grabs… For Now

This article was originally published on Mellow and appears here with permission.

Recently it seems like everyone is talking about CBD – from the multitude of benefits to the right dosage. Demand is soaring. Many countries are legalising it and regulations are slotting into place. This is great news for fully fledged CBD brands. But what about those just starting out? Let’s take a closer look at 5 reasons why it’s not (yet) too late to catch the CBD train.

 1. CBD is hitting big numbers

Lately Cannabidiol (CBD) has been winning over industry after industry from food to beauty. As CBD products have become more available and stigma wanes, the CBD market has soared. The global market for cannabidiol, valued at $9.3bn in 2020, is set to reach $23.6bn in revenue by 2025 with rocketing growth in the US and UK – and huge potential in the EU. 

So, although you can no longer be a CBD pioneer, there still market share to go around, especially …

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