Advocate Lucas Wentworth Says Harm Reduction In Schools Is Basic First Aid

This article was originally published on NisonCo and appears here with permission.

Lucas Wentworth is a crucial part of the team of cannabis and psychedelic marketing experts at NisonCo PR. In 2018, he was initially hired as an Account Coordinator and was promoted to Account Manager a year later.

Lucas is involved with local grassroots harm reduction efforts. In addition to distributing Narcan and other important tools to the surrounding community, he’s also involved in state lobbying for vital drug policies. 

Alongside other activists and organizers, Lucas is currently advocating for NY State Assembly Bill A6179, which would mandate public schools to teach about the existing 911 Good Samaritan Law to high school students. Currently, information about the law isn’t part of the public school drug education curriculum.

As part of our ongoing Crafting a Cannabis Professional staff interview series at NisonCo PR, we interviewed Lucas about his experience utilizing the 911 Good Samaritan Law himself as a teen and advocating for harm reduction policy at the state level. See below for our conversation, as well as a video of another recent interview with Lucas about harm reduction conducted by The Young Turks.

Adryan: In your interview with The Young Turks, you discussed your personal experience with someone overdosing at a party as a young adult. You knew no one would be penalized for calling 911 to report the crisis because your mom was an informed social worker and taught it to you. How did this experience shape your in harm reduction?

Lucas: That experience was the key point in my life that led me to be …

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