The Farmer’s Wife Opens Third Dispensary in Missouri’s Developing Medical Cannabis Market: The Starting Line

The Farmer’s Wife celebrated the grand opening of its third in Missouri’s developing medical cannabis market Aug. 20. 

The new Springfield location incorporates many of the attributes that Director of Retail David Brodsky says sets the company apart in the state: a focus on retail paired with robust branding and a wide selection of products.

The Farmer’s Wife is locally owned by a group from Missouri, with its two other retail locations in Mountain Grove and West Plains. Brodsky spent the last decade working in the cannabis industry in California and before returning home to Missouri shortly after the state legalized medical cannabis in 2018.

One of the company’s owners previously worked in the pharmaceutical market and wanted to enter the cannabis industry to provide an alternative form of relief to patients, Brodsky says.

The Farmer’s Wife submitted its licensing applications in 2019 and ultimately won three retail licenses in early 2020, with its first dispensary opening on 4/20 of this year.

“We made the decision to focus on the retail side of things and stay focused on that and not get stretched too thin,” Brodsky says, adding that the company concentrated its operations around Springfield, one of the largest cities in the state.

Photos courtesy of The Farmer’s WifeThe interior of The Farmer’s Wife dispensary in Springfield, Mo.

The Farmer’s Wife applied for five total dispensary licenses and is currently appealing the two that it did not receive in a process that Brodsky says could take up to a year. If the company ultimately wins the two additional licenses, it will open a second retail location in Springfield, as well as one in Oliver.

While Missouri is a limited-license state, with 60 cultivation, 86 manufacturing and 192 retail licenses available, the state is less restrictive than other markets with license caps, Brodsky says. Although, as in other new markets, supply issues have plagued Missouri’s businesses, he says.

When the state’s first dispensaries opened their doors to patients last October, Brodsky says “it was pretty slim pickings” for patients until this past spring.

“It was hard to find product,” he says of those early days. “There wasn’t a lot of variety, there weren’t a lot of processors online, there weren’t a lot of growers that were approved to operate and all that. But that has very quickly changed. … Even though we are a limited-license state, there are still a lot of licenses. We get a new call it seems like every week, talking to a new grower or a new manufacturer looking for a home for their products.”

To overcome these challenges, The Farmer’s Wife team did its due diligence and formed relationships with growers and processors early on, well before many operators were up and running. The company had several contracts in place prior to opening its doors, which helped it procure not only an adequate supply of product, but also a wide variety of products.

“We constantly have patients come in that say that we have the best selection out of any of the stores in

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