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Get ready to be blown away with the magnitudes of guests we have on this week’s show!

A 90-minute special that will fill your Friday and weekend with mind-altering perspectives on all your favourite stock market trends. Commodities, psychedelics, weed stocks, and even James West’s watchlist are all discussed, described, and dissected for your viewing pleasure. We hope you enjoy!

We have 5, yes 5, exclusive interviews on deck in this weeks episode:

BioMind Labs Inc (NEO:BMND, OTCMKTS:CRSWF) Scientific and Clinical Advisor Dr. Draulio Barros de Araujo

BioMind Labs is developing novel pharmaceutical formulations and nanotech delivery systems of the main natural psychedelic molecules. The company currently has a portfolio of 6 different compounds and delivery methods in evaluation, pre-clinical and phase II clinical trial stages. BioMind has recently advanced its Phase II clinical trial on DMT for treatment-resistant depression.

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) Public Benefit Corporation CEO Amy Emerson

MAPS is the research and educational organization that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics and marijuana. They are doing great work sponsoring the most advanced psychedelic therapy research in the world such as phase III clinical trials of MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD. As the NYTimes article wrote about MAPS latest publishings in one of the top scientific journals Nature Medicine “The Psychedelic revolution is coming”

Subversive Capital Founder Michael Auerbach

Subversive is dedicated to in radical companies whose core missions subvert the status quo and require sophisticated regulatory strategies for success. And they have done a pretty great job of that so far… They are the company behind COMPASS Pathways, Cybin, Field Trip, and Tilray’s IPOs as well as SPAC deals like The Parent Company. So far, subversive has helped 38 companies with 5 IPOs, 4 SPACs and $500 million+ follow-on investments.

Australis Capital Inc operating as AUDACIOUS Brands (CNSX:AUSA, OTCMKTS:AUSAF) CEO Terry Booth

We all know Terry. One of the founding fathers of the cannabis public company game. A head in weed Rushmore. He joins us again to talk about Australis’s new direction since its name change to AUDACIOUS Brands and the number of acquisitions/partnerships the company has undergone in the last quarter or two.

CHAR Technologies Ltd (CVE:YES, OTCMKTS:CTRNF) CEO Andrew White

It can’t all be mind-altering substances interviews. But you could make a case this cleantech technology will alter the way you think about a circular economy. CHAR Tech specializes in converting woody materials and organic waste into renewable gases and biocarbon. The company has a lot of proprietary tech which is reducing net greenhouse gas emissions and organic waste up to 90%.

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