How JustinCredible Cultivation’s Reginald Stanfield Works: Cannabis Workspace

Name: Reginald StanfieldLocation: Cummington, Mass.Title: CEO, JustinCredible CultivationOne word to describe your cultivation style: Indoor

Indoor, outdoor, greenhouse or a combination: “Indoor is my style. More control, less problems and better-looking bud. If I could in the triangle, then I’d pick outside, hands down. But here in Massachusetts, inside.”

Can you share a bit of your background and how you and your company got to the present day?

A self-made entrepreneur, [I] built [my] first business from the ground up. [I] graduated from Bowie State University with a BS in Finance and Money Banking. [I] started [my] first company, Masters of Mixology, LLP (M2), a private event bartender’s service. Raised on a farm in North Carolina, [I have] 20-plus years in agriculture. 

[I have] always been an avid cannabis consumer and when Massachusetts legalized for adult use in 2016, [I] saw an opportunity to get in on the ground floor. [Me] and the founding members moved to Massachusetts in 2017 and began building the facility. 

While [we] were building, [we] slept in an RV. Imagine three men and one woman in an RV for 9 months, working day in and day out, 7 days a week to design and create what is now the home of the first Black-owned, woman-owned and veteran-owned cannabis cultivator.  

What tool or software in your cultivation space can you not live without?

There aren’t any tools I can’t live without, but I can’t live without good employees and people who believe in me.

What purchase of $100 or less has most positively impacted your business in the last six months?

It’s really difficult to quantify that in $100 or less because everything we do here costs a lot of money; what costs literally nothing for me is talking with my employees [and] listening to their struggles about everyday life. There are those struggles they’re going through and sometimes those can be compounded by the pandemic. When I was the CEO and the head horticulturalist working up to 20 hours a day, I couldn’t be the sounding board to my employees that I can be now.

What cultivation technique are you most interested in right now, and what are you actively studying (the most)?

What I’m into is chronocuring, when really cold temperatures are used for the curing. I’m interested in flash-frozen extraction. I’m interested in concentrating more on the cannabinoid and terpene profiles because of the effect they have on the body versus focusing on strains with high THC. We need more people growing and getting that data so we can learn more. And we need testing done the right way. 

How has a failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success? Do you have a “favorite failure” of yours?

I try not to think about business in terms of failures but rather challenges we’ve had to overcome. 

I would say the hardest part was going through COVID and having to overcome being shut down and losing all of our genetics and dealing mites. We’ve had to deal with every issue a cultivator faces at one

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