Nevada County Captures: To the moon…


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Fly me to the moon.
Submitted by Annita Kasparian

Crew removing beetle infested trees with an 80 foot crane at Nevada City’s affordable housing project, Cashin’s Field.
Submitted by Shawn Eldredge

Always close to Momma.
Submitted by Annita Kasparian

Seed pods of a Magnolia kobus seen on Sutton Way.
Submitted by Jeff Rogers

Diego’s Restaurant’s delightful decor.
Submitted by Marci Ficarra

Lodgepole Campground near Yuba Gap… and headwaters of the North Fork of the American River.
Submitted by Bill Lambert

Thank you Cal Fire for all the work this fire-season!
Submitted by Annita Kasparian

Sunset Sutter Buttes with some teasing Virga.
Submitted by Annita Kasparian

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