Virtual Reality And Psychedelic Therapy: Interview With Entheo Digital CEO

This article Jason Najum was originally published on Microdose Psychedelic Insights and appears here with permission.

Digital health and therapeutics will play a crucial role in the future of medicine. Across and mental health industries, companies are realizing that the confluence of healthcare and digital platforms will be part of the future of medicine.

Digital therapeutics will be especially important in the burgeoning psychedelic medicine industry. The future of psychedelics will be more than simply popping some FDA-approved pills, as these potent compounds call for a more holistic and experiential approach to therapy. And digital platforms can help.

One company hoping to position itself as a leader in this space is Entheo Digital. We spoke with CEO Robin Arnott for a deeper look at their work.

Psychedelic Therapy with Immersive Virtual Experiences

Entheo is a digital therapeutics company pursuing the creation of a wellness technology marketplace at the intersection of psychedelic therapy and experiential medicine. The company’s goal is to grow the accessibility and scalability of psychedelic therapy with immersive virtual experiences.

“Entheo was founded to distribute digital therapeutics for psychedelic therapies, specifically for immersive, experiential digital experiences that can be used as tools for psychedelic therapists and patients,” says co-founder and CEO Robin Arnott.

With a background in the gaming industry, Robin is an award-winning sound designer and for the last several years has been developing a dynamic VR experience called SoundSelf. Originally intended for VR platforms in the entertainment industry, Entheo Digital is now developing SoundSelf as a protocol for psychedelic therapy.

“As the psychedelic medicine industry developed we saw an opportunity to shift the product’s usage towards therapeutics, something that SoundSelf seemed perfectly suited for. We saw that it could be far more impactful in medicine work and in conjunction with a trained therapist. The focus now is to develop the software for therapeutic purposes.”

Similutating …

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