Grove Inc. Launches “Fund Your Brand” Option for Amazon Aggregation Initiative

HENDERSON, NV / November 3, 2021 / Grove, Inc. (NASDAQ: GRVI) (“Grove” or the “Company”), Grove Inc., a global innovator in hemp, health, and wellness, today announced the launch of its “Fund Your Brand” option on Upexi, its wholly owned division to acquire promising Amazon and Ecommerce businesses.

In addition to buying and scaling Amazon and Ecommerce brands, Grove Inc.'s Upexi unit will provide capital to growing brands in need of funding.

Upexi has two operating segments: one that buys and scales Amazon and e-commerce brands, and one that provides funding to proven brands in need of capital to accelerate growth. Grove’s investment will include funding and assistance with growth in the Amazon ecosystem and direct-to consumer markets for a perpetual royalty on the future sales of the brands products.

Grove Inc. recently launched Upexi to use its market and e-commerce expertise in the Amazon aggregation market, which, according to Marketplace Pulse, has attracted more than $10 billion in funding since 2020.

Grove Inc. has made a name for itself in the Wellness space, growing 2021 fiscal revenues to $24.1 million, a 250% increase from the year prior. The company hopes to apply a similar growth …

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