10 Weed Strains For People Who Like Cheese

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National Queso Day, one of the most important made-up holidays in the world, is on September 20. We wanted to provide a game plan for celebrating. First step: get you some cheesy dip if possible (Tex-Mex is best, fight me). Second: smoke some cannabis that smells, tastes, and is named after cheese.

Here are some of the best cheesy cannabis strains out there.


Obviously, Cheese is the first flower on our list, and the family you'll be smoking from on this glorious day. Cheese is a legendary cannabis strain from way back in the '80s that has led to the birth of your favorite hybrids. It was reportedly brought over to the Netherlands from by pioneer breeder David Waston aka Sam The Skunkman. 

Cheese, a phenotype of the famous Skunk #1, comes forward with a pungent, funky, stank armpit-like odor akin to the smell of a whole stack of Kraft singles. The effects punch with a heavy cerebral and full-body feel that ultimately leaves you dumb stoned and happy. On Weedmaps, reviewers have reported Cheese's top three effects as relaxed, happy, and euphoric.

Find Cheese strains

UK Cheese

When a strain pops off, iterations of it will start popping up everywhere. So, right after the original Cheese came UK Cheese. 

UK Cheese, also called Exodus Cheese, is a product from a United Kingdom-based breeder collective called Exodus. In terms of popularity, it's pretty much the OG Kush of Great Britain. Just like the original Cheese, it comes from a phenotype of Skunk #1, and as its name suggests, carries a funky cheesy stench that smells up any room. Smoke some for National Queso Day.

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