A Guide To Saving Money On Weed

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Weed is expensive. There's no way around it. 

And if you're going to be a frequent consumer, it's best to find budget-friendly ways to do so, or else you'll be looking at your bank statements each month thinking, “Wow, I really could have paid my car note twice this month with the amount of money I spent on weed,” which will just lead to a bunch of self judgements and conversations about getting your life together (while using weed as the scapegoat for your bad habits and routines). Nobody needs that. 

Instead, it's much better for your mental health to simply find better ways to spend your time and money in relation to your consumption.

What's the average price of weed?

The price of varies by market, as each state and country has its own costs based on supply and demand. Take an in-depth look at the price of an eighth where you live

For the most part, an eighth jar of some good, quality weed will hit your pockets between $35—$45. For a one time purchase, that's not too bad; but when you continuously purchase weed throughout the week or month, that cost can skyrocket. It's a fact that we all try to ignore, but when you add up the hundreds of dollars you've spent on cannabis in a month, and it totals your student loan payments for multiple months, it's hard to not think that your priorities are completely out of order. 

Ways to save money on buying weed

There are plenty of ways to reduce your monthly spend on weed. Here are a few of the most tried-and-true.


Most dispensaries run weekly deals on each consumption method. For example, they'll do bulk buy discounts on ounces of flower on Monday, then discounts on edibles on Tuesday. Across the industry, Shatterday is a popular Saturday discount day for concentrates. Regardless of your preferred consumption, I promise there's a nearby store giving discounts on it. These are the best …

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