Love Pharma Makes Canadian Stock Exchange Debut

These days, the term ‘alternative medicine’ is thrown around a lot. Whether it is major celebrities swearing by some sort of therapeutic tournament a la Gwyneth Paltrow or TikTokers showing alternative medicine tips, that sector is bigger than ever. Now, the popularity of alternative medicine is fueling a billion-dollar with all manner of products.

One of the latest victories for the sector comes from Love Pharma (CNSX: LUV), an alternative health company, which recently made its debut on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSA). The company is also listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange, which is one of the biggest exchanges in the world. 

Love Pharma Goes Live

One of the reasons for this new success from Love Pharma is successful lines of psychedelic and -infused products. The market for both has grown tremendously over the years and Love Pharma has the right to produce and distribute patent-protected pharmaceutical products of that nature. The company claims that two of its lines thus far, “Bloom” and “Auraleaf”, have been successes in the market and it …

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