How Autoflowering Cannabis Cracked The Code For Affordable Cultivation

By William Hancock

Growers have been searching for low-cost solutions to produce high-quality cannabis products since the dawn of commercial cannabis cultivation. Autoflower cannabis seeds may have cracked the code.

Autoflowering cannabis provides a method to replace increasingly antiquated techniques, further advancing cannabis tech and pushing newer, superior growing practices to the forefront. Bringing these fresh ideas about autoflower into the mainstream can help to promote and innovative farming practices that position the for the future and create a more equitable cannabis industry for all. Here's the breakdown of what we've learned about how autoflower cannabis is cracking the affordable cultivation code.

Photoperiod vs Autoflower: Harvest More Intelligently with Auto

Harvesting is the most expensive and labor-intensive portion of cannabis cultivation. Currently, most cannabis cultivars are derived from photoperiod plants, which are heavily guided by specific light cycles, and require extensive up-potting in prop and pruning and trellising techniques to allow the plants to thrive in the field.  With autos, plants remain a manageable size, meaning there is an economy of space used in the canopy, and the leaf to bud ratio is far more efficient.  This means laborers will spend only a few snips to harvest a …

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