Inside Jushi's Virginia Expansion: Q&A With Executive VP of Retail Brendon Lynch

Jushi Holdings Inc., a multistate operator and owner of cannabis retail, cultivation and processing licenses based in Boca Raton, Fla., announced the opening of its 26th store nationwide and second BEYOND / HELLO retail location in Sterling, Va.

BEYOND / HELLO Sterling will serve and provide registered agents and patients "an efficient, accessible and safe experience that goes beyond the traditional cannabis retail environment," according to a recent press release

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Here, Brendon Lynch, Jushi executive vice president of retail, shares insight into the company’s expansion and what consumers can expect, as well as offers a glimpse into Jushi’s plan when adult-use sales go online in Virginia.

Andriana Ruscitto: Can you talk a little bit about Jushi’s opening of its second BEYOND / HELLO retail location in Virginia and the different features the dispensary will have?

Brendon LynchSo, we opened our second location in northern Virginia just last week, and the Virginia medical can expect a typical customer-centric BEYOND / HELLO retail experience, coupled with online ordering through and convenient in-store express pickup. Also, due to the rising demand, as well as improving accessibility for northern Virginia patients, we’ve expanded our delivery program to be in the Sterling location [and] the Manassas location. 

The Sterling location operates out of an 8,000-square-foot anchor position in a newly constructed 16,000-square-foot building. [It] brings Virginia our suite of high-quality brands, including The Lab, Tasteology and, most recently, our two in-house flower brands: The Bank and Sèche. 

The location is pretty different from our Manassas location. It’s more typical of our current design, and it’s also much bigger. So, as I mentioned, it’s 8,000-square-feet, which is significantly bigger than Manassas, and [it] has 17 point-of-sale systems, 70 on-site parking spots and a separate delivery service area. It’s located about 7 miles from Dulles International Airport, 30 miles from Washington [D.C.], and it’s adjacent to Wegmans, Lowe’s, McDonald’s, Burger King on a very high traffic highway that merges with Interstate 50.

AR: What drove Jushi to the Virginia market?

BL: It wasn’t on many cannabis companies’ radars back in 2019 when we made the decision to go to Virginia. Really due to the limited nature of the medical program, specifically the ability to open only one store at that time per HSA [health service area] and the then THC caps on products; however, our initial interest in the commonwealth was due to it being a super limited license medical market, retail exclusivity, the ability to wholesale and deliver throughout the entire commonwealth and the expectation that each license holder would ultimately be able to add more stores, and that these THC cap restrictions would go away, which they did.

AR: What is the company looking forward to with the expansion?

BL: The regulators divide the state into separate geographic regions called HSA’s, with one vertically integrated license per HSA. Each permit holder is required to be vertically integrated, meaning cultivation, extraction, processing and retail are all within the same facility. And then additionally, each permit holder was awarded

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