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NuRAN Wireless Inc (CNSX:NUR, OTCMKTS:NRRWF) has its own unique and disruptive network technology. Its proven wireless infrastructure products are now being utilized by leading Tier 1 telecom companies like Orange S.A. (NYSE:ORAN) to connect rural areas. The effect of this network adoption on disconnected populations is transformational.

“People are out in rural areas and have really no way at all to communicate and just day to day business, but also financial services and and those kinds of things. So, this is transformational. This has been talked about for years and years. The UN did some studies some years ago and found the correlation between communications infrastructure and economic growth and GDP per capita is very directly correlated. So this has a huge impact on these areas.” – NuRAN Wireless CFO Jim Bailey

NuRAN has disrupted the rural telecom market through the economic benefits shared between the populations, mobile operators, and itself.

NuRAN’s technology has a lower cost to implement, up to 1/5 of the costs a traditional mobile site would cost. The technology also has lower ongoing operating costs due to its very low power consumption and low costs to connect with main network lines. These low costs are achieved through the use of satellites and solar power. This not only provides economic benefits but is also environmentally sound.

The cheaper business model has enabled the largest global mobile operators to start working with NuRAN’s services. NuRAN is building the towers and radio networks for telecoms allowing them to concentrate their capital towards marketing efforts, selling to customers, and providing their services over that network. NuRAN makes the initial investment through strategic debt financings with commercial/development banks and the telecoms pay recurring revenues back to NuRAN. It’s a win-win for all involved including the populations being able to connect to the internet for the first time.

The United Nations has said, “inclusive and sustainable industrialization, together with innovation and infrastructure, can unleash dynamic and competitive economic forces that generate employment and income.” It has also been statistically proven that an increased penetration rate of network infrastructure solutions (the more people that connect to networks) generates significant aggregate economic growth.

Rural populations will be able to gain access to when it was never possible. Healthcare tools are now at people’s fingertips. Education increases exponentially. All these reasons and more will contribute to people’s lives and a country’s economic growth.

Watch the full CFO interview to understand how NuRAN is positively affecting rural areas, why mobile operators are so keen to start working with NuRAN, and NuRAN’s expansion strategy.

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