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Agra Ventures Ltd (CNSX: AGRAOTCMKTS: AGFAF) is a company under new management. The cannabis wholesaler has 2.2 million square feet of growing capacity, which presents the opportunity to become one of the largest Canadian cultivators. The cost-effective growing operation allows the company to operate under a new and exciting business model.

Agra Ventures inevitably has a dark cloud hovering around it with the lawsuit filed against ex-management. As the case is still ongoing, the company cannot comment but is working hard towards a solution.

“It’s an exciting time for Agra. It’s a new company and it’s under new leadership. These historical matters. I’m taking them very seriously and have established a special committee. But right now these matters are in court and until that work is done myself and my company, unfortunately, have no comment. But, I’ve done what I can and we will leave it at what will be, will be.” – Agra Ventures CEO Elise Coppens

However, the new management team has established a business plan to backfill other licenced producers existing product SKU’s. There is lots of evidence that suppliers cannot keep top brands on the shelf because of their limited capacity. With its very low-cost, high-potency products, Agra Ventures can fill that void.

“I recognized right away that there was a really unique opportunity for us to step in and start backfilling producers who do not have access to the proper amount of product.” “So, what we’ve done with Boundary Bay is we have started procuring and building a war-chest of a few strains that we know licensed producers need to backfill their existing product SKUs. So we’re not forward-facing. We’re not going out in the market to sell. But that’s allowed me to be strategic about our revenue stream, where I can secure several long-term off-take agreements. Very low risk at top dollar. We just achieved $2.50 per gram.” – Agra Ventures CEO Elise Coppens

Agra Ventures is also working on sales licenses, manufacturing products, and expanding into the USA and internationally.

Watch the full CEO interview to learn about the company’s top revenue driver, the Canadian market, and the company’s future direction.

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