Delta-8 Products in the Cannabis Industry: What To Wait For In The Future

The future of the cannabis industry is a labyrinth of elaborate rules and regulations, of types and categorization. All of the twists and turns can make this topic difficult to navigate, even for the interested layperson. In this article, we’ll be specifically addressing the trajectory of cannabis product legality in the United States. 

We’ll begin with a rundown of delta-8, and just what it does in the body. We’ll then examine issues with sales and finish with a glimpse forward at the cannabis industry in terms of delta-8 products. We’ll also share some insights from industry experts and specialists.  

A Background on

Before we get into the sales of delta-8, let’s discuss just what it is. Cannabis is made up of over a hundred cannabinoids, of which THC is one. However, just as there are multiple cannabinoids, neither does THC doesn’t come in just one form. 

When we think of THC, we are generally thinking of what is called delta-9–the psychoactive compound that creates a high effect. Delta-8 is an analogue of the more well-known delta-9, which means it has a similar molecule structureб but the arrangement of the atomic bonds are not the same. 

What does this mean? Well, delta-8 is less potent in psychoactive properties… its high is milder, and paranoia or anxiety are less common side effects than in delta-9. However, it retains the same potential health benefits as its more potent relative, including (1):

Decreased pain and inflammation

Sleep enhancement

Mood stabilization

Neuroprotective properties

Improved appetite

Delta-8 can be found in the same products as delta-9 THC, like tinctures, vapes, joints, capsules, and edibles. Due to the decreased psychoactive effect on the brain, delta-8 has been called “cannabis light” or “diet weed” by the press. 

Delta-8 THC is created by converting CBD derived from hemp into delta-9, then into delta-8 (it is almost exclusively derived from hemp rather than cannabis). This is where we get into some of the strange legal tangles of delta-8 THC. 

The Problems with Delta-8 Sales in the United States

While delta-8 is “technically” legal on the United States federal level due to the Farm Bill …

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