Boston University Hosts First-Ever Cannabis Science Fair On Dec. 11

This article was originally published on The Bluntness, and appears here with permission.

The Boston University Build Lab will be hosting a cannabis science fair this Saturday, Dec. 11, 2021 – the first of its kind. 

This science fair will showcase the work of institutions striving to expand humanity’s knowledge and understanding of the cannabis plant. 

Through a collaboration with local cannabis testing leader MCR Labs and the Cannabis Center of Excellence (CCoE), this landmark event will feature scientific presentations from commercial and academic institutions like SCIEX, Skell Labs, the University of Vermont, Harvard University, and more. 

This is a big deal if you love progress and innovation.

Cannabis news is often dominated by legalization and updates, and the science and research sector is ready to share their findings on a louder, much more public scale than we’ve previously seen throughout years of prohibition. 

Massachusetts is Bringing Their Cannabis Research to The Forefront

Massachusetts is one of the most prominent research and biotech hubs in the world, and combined with the state’s legal cannabis program, there is plenty of opportunity for cannabis science and innovation. 

For MCR Labs, a leader in cannabis analysis, compliance testing, and research – involvement with the science fair was inevitable. 

“While cannabis testing is our business, MCR Labs’ leadership strongly believes that consumer education and research play a significant role in reducing the stigma around cannabis,” said Joe Crinkley, Public Relations Manager at MCR Labs. 

“The inspiration behind this event was a desire to showcase the progress being made by academic and commercial institutions to study and expand our understanding of cannabis, despite restrictions that still limit research …

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