Combining Psychedelics: Is It Safe?

This article by Kiki Dy was originally published on Psychedelic Spotlight and appears here with permission.

Mixing psychedelics goes by many names in pop culture: hippie flipping (MDMA and mushrooms) and candy flipping (MDMA and LSD), to name two. Depending on how you go about it, the experience can be life-affirmingly euphoric or severely overwhelming. But is it ever worth the risk? 

Combining Psychedelics: Is It Safe?

The combination of psychedelics and psychotherapy is gaining increased acceptance and well-warranted research. But what about combining psychedelics and other psychedelics? 

Psychotherapy aside, explorers of altered states have been self-administering combinations of substances for decades. They get creative with their cocktails, venturing to amplify the effects of each compound. 

The co-administration of psychedelic mushrooms with cannabis, LSD, MDMA mainly remained limited to the experimentation of younger adults until recently. In the past few years, mainstream interest in psilocybin has touched every sector of society, from moms to professional athletes. 

Intensifying interest resulted in a historic vote in and Washington, DC, this time last year when both the state and the district decriminalized the possession and use of psilocybin.

This invites experimentation of legal mixtures in these jurisdictions, such as cannabis and psilocybin, meanwhile illegal combinations like MDMA and mushrooms and LSD and mushrooms are sure to still be used in regions even where they’re illegal for self-styled spiritual or recreational purposes (we’re realistic).  

While these mixtures may sound like a gateway to a delightfully strange sojourn through the edges of consciousness, is it actually a good idea? What does say about how psychedelic substances affect the consumer when taken in tandem? 

What the Flip? 

“Flipping” is a colloquialism used to describe different MDMA drug combinations. In addition to hippie flipping, you’ll hear of candy flipping (MDMA and LSD), kitty flipping (MDMA and ketamine), nexus flipping (MDMA and 2CB), and plenty more, as you might expect from the curious psychonaut community.

MDMA and Mushrooms 

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