Ireland Basinger Baldwin On Mental Health And Creativity: 'Cannabis Completely Bulldozes My Insecurities'

Interivew by Javier Hasse. Article written in collaboration with Marian Venini.

In these last years, we have seen an increasing amount of information arounnd the wonderful benefits of cannabis come out.

As explained by Natalya M. Kogan and Raphael Mechoulam back in 2007, “Numerous diseases, such as anorexia, emesis, pain, inflammation, multiple sclerosis, neurodegenerative disorders (Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, Tourette's syndrome, Alzheimer's disease), epilepsy, glaucoma, osteoporosis, schizophrenia, cardiovascular disorders, cancer, obesity, and metabolic syndrome-related disorders, to name just a few, are being treated or have the potential to be treated by cannabinoid agonists/antagonists/cannabinoid-related compounds.”

Cannabis has evolved a lot since, with researchers now suggesting cannabis and cannabinoids can not only treat physical conditions, but psychological ones as well.

A person who can attest to this is Ireland Basinger Baldwin.

During a recent, exclusive coversation, Ireland went into her relationship with cannabis and her involvement with the Kiva brand, anxiety, her promising writing career, creativity, and self-love.

There’s this mean little misconception that posits that attractive people can’t suffer, she said. Least of all, a beautiful, young model and actress born in a wealthy and famous family.

She’s got everything, right?

Well, mental health doesn’t work that way – at all.

‘An Art Form’

Right now, cannabis occupies a pretty important role in Ireland’s life. She’s been working with several cannabis brands and is outspoken about her use.

But, has her relationship with the plant always been this comfortable?

Apparently, no. As durable relationships tend to, it has changed and grown over time.

She admitted that she knew about cannabis from a pretty young age, but in a different way than most of us do: not as a dangerous drug, but as medicine.

“I grew up in a very holistic, very hippie household,” she shared. “My parents weren’t smokers or anything so much, but a lot of people I was influenced by and people I grew up with were very holistic and always used cannabis as a remedy for a lot of things.”

Her personal experience started, unsurprisingly, in high school – although she now aknowledges kids that age shouldn’t be consumin cannabis unless it’s prescribed by a physician. But it was during her college years that Ireland started to really get the hang of it.

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As the plant became legalized across the country and thus, more readily available, Ireland started to learn a lot more about quality, effects, etc.

Her casual relationship with cannabis reached a turning point when she shot a cannabis-themed video for Eats Channel, an art series by Chris Applebaum that portrays women in lingerie eating “whatever they want.”

It’s described as a sex-positive project focused on female empowerment, that has quite a number of models. Ireland recalled the experience fondly, saying it’s “all of these girls in their underwear, in the most non-misogynistic way. It’s a fun experience, and it’s the most girl-power thing.”

In this particular video, Ireland was shown making weed brownies in her underwear and consuming different cannabis products.

Ireland's Eats Channel Session. Still from Instragram ( – Eats Channel

“People could watch the videos and misconstrue it and think ‘oh, it’s just girls being sexy eating soup’ and all this bs, but it’s not like that at all,” she added. “You have full control and you do what you want and it’s so much fun.”

Granted, there aren’t as many places a model can claim to have creative control over the art they take part of.

But, …

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