California cannabis committee to be overhauled • Rochester preps for cannabis boom • Vermont regulators reject THC cap • & more…

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’s Cannabis Advisory Committee is about to get overhauled.

For the first time since it was first formed in 2017, the Committee, which makes recommendations to the state’s cannabis regulators, will have every seat open to new members.

“DCC will continue to engage with and through the Cannabis Advisory Committee to have a robust public discussion that supports the development of a regulatory framework that benefits all Californians and results in a safe, sustainable and equitable cannabis market,” said DCC Director Nicole Elliott, who will appoint the Committee members.

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Incoming Rochester Mayor announces Cannabis Preparation Commission.

Malik Evans announced the Commission on Tuesday, during a press conference

“It is very important that Rochester is prepared,” Evans said. “Like Wayne Gretzky said, we’re going to where the puck is going to go, and the puck is in the cannabis market.”

The committee co-chairs will be: Ebony Miller Wesley (RIT Center for Urban Entrepreneurship), and Truman Tolefree (Intersection Realty Group). 

Among the committee members will be City Councilmember Mitch Gruber, who said, “This is as close to a unicorn that we will ever get,” adding, “We are sitting on the precipice of more than a billion dollar industry, basically overnight. We are going to see a huge amount of investment coming into Rochester.”

Vermont Cannabis Control Board rejects THC cap.

The Vermont Medical  recently recommended that the Board cap legal adult use cannabis products at 15% THC.

The Board responded this week, writing that the current limits were “debated by the Vermont legislature and determined to be the appropriate potency limit,” adding that the “Board has no authority to raise this cap and has no intention of lowering it.”

“While the Board considered the public health concerns raised by the Vermont Medical Society,” they continued, “lowering the THC cap to 15% would merely perpetuate the unregulated market and force consumers to purchase untested, potentially contaminated products.”  

More California cannabis committee to be overhauled • Rochester preps for cannabis boom • Vermont regulators reject THC cap • & more…