Grass Valley Kmart to close Sunday

Kmart shoppers take advantage of the store’s final days.
Photo: Elias Funez

Kmart’s Grass Valley location will open for its final day Sunday.

The store is Kmart’s last remaining location in California.

As of Wednesday, a sign in the store at 111 McKnight Way counted down, “Last 4 days,” while others displayed the message, “Everything must go.”

Much of the store had been emptied of merchandise by Wednesday, with remaining items condensed into the front half of the store. As the store completes its final days open, according to signage, discounts on these items ranged from 20% to 90%.

The Kmart location is a part of the McKnight Crossing Shopping Center, which is managed by Mesa Management.

Mesa Management President Steve Mensinger said in October that, after over a year in talks with Target, an agreement had been reached for a Target store to take over the space currently occupied by Kmart. A Target spokesperson said at the time that the upcoming store is planned to be approximately 90,705 square feet.

A Target store is estimated to open at McKnight Crossing Shopping Center “in the fourth quarter of 2022,” according to the shopping center’s management. Mesa Management provided a rendering of the upcoming store.
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Mensinger explained in October that Kmart had completed 40 years out of its 75-year lease at that point. The remaining 35 years, plus an additional 20 years, would be assigned to Target, he said.

He said Wednesday that Target is “racing ahead” as it looks toward beginning work on the space, and that the company has obtained a demolition permit with the intent of getting started immediately upon taking control of the unit.

“So, they’re hoping to open the store sometime in the fourth quarter of 2022,” he said.


Alongside the plans for the upcoming Target store, according to Mensinger, updated plans had also been submitted to the city as of last week for a two-phase renovation of the McKnight Crossing Shopping Center.

He said Wednesday that the first phase, “The Mix,” is planned to include “local fare and small shops” in units ranging from 100 to 500 square feet, and is scheduled for completion in the fourth quarter of 2022.

A sign outside of Grass Valley’s Kmart on Wednesday informs shoppers of the final four days.
Photo: Elias Funez

The second phase of the shopping center’s renovation, “The Grove,” will involve an “eclectic” group of restaurants, he said. This phase is planned to begin in the third quarter of 2022.

Mensinger added Wednesday that Mesa Management is looking into adding a space for farmers markets to be held at the shopping center as well. The company’s goal, he said, is for McKnight Crossing to be “a destination for people to shop and hang out, and enjoy different facets of the Grass Valley life.”

The Kmart store closing sale is ongoing.

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