14 Founder-Friendly Investment Firms Pioneering The Cannabis Space

Cannabis has gone mainstream and is here to stay. Out of the 50 states, 35 have legalized marijuana at some level. 

This historic legalization has led to the birth of thousands of cannabis companies, and thus, a new type of investment fund. Cannabis investment funds focus on finding companies to invest in that are set to shake up the marijuana industry. 

Founder-friendly investors are firms that create a working environment with an existing founder and management. These firms know a founder can be an asset, opposed to pushing one out after purchasing a company. 

Here are 14 Founder Friendly Investors in the Cannabis Space: 


Arcadian is a venture capital firm based in Los Angeles. Matthew Nordgren, a former University of Texas football player, founded Arcadian in 2017. Nordgren brought valuable experience from building a VC firm focused on sports and entertainment. Arcadian has investments in innovative cannabis companies like Akerna, Fyllo and Skylight Health

Casa Verde Capital 

Casa Verde was founded in 2015 by rap legend Snoop Dogg. The firm finds and guides exciting companies in cannabis. Casa Verde has companies such as Surfside, Leaflink and Dutchie in its portfolio. 

CB1 Capital

CB1 specializes in wellness solutions, products and therapies. Todd Harrison, touting experience from Morgan Stanley, founded CB1 after recognizing a strong opportunity in the CBD space. CB1 has a highly-connected network of researchers and advisors, including former presidential …

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